Jasmine Mazlumyan




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Armenian, English

My name is Jasmine (Hasmik) Mazlumyan and I’m a first generation American, born to an Armenian/Greek family. My upbringing in the Bay Area has inspired me to explore diverse areas of study, and provided me with a deep reverence for the complexities of being a first generation born American. I hold a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from University of San Francisco and have spent many years studying, living and working at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. With extensive courses in Psychology, Mindfulness, and Mind-Body/Nature-Informed Practices such as Yoga, Tai-Chi and Dance, I have learned to integrate both the logical and mythical self and encourage others to find that balance within themselves. I offer an integrated perspective that sees you as a balanced whole working with all elements and the fine dance between logic mind and body spirit.

I help promote overall health and wellness and am here to support you on your journey of self-awareness and growth. Whether it be relationship issues, family dynamics, career or existential concerns, we can work together to explore these topics. I believe that understanding who you are is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and help impact the world around you. I encourage you through direct yet supportive dialogue to ask the deeper questions. I utilize evidence based techniques like, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Somatic Based Therapies and I welcome individuals and couples into my practice.